Case Study

The following case study describes the use of BrushTools add-in by employees who work intensively with Microsoft Excel in a medium-sized consulting firm.

A crucial error was found in an Excel file calculation for a major client, and the company decided to start using the BrushTools add-in for Excel work and to implement its practice across-the-board in all company departments and on most of the company's Excel files. Within a short time, all of the company's analysts had adopted the method and were using BrushTools consistently. Within a few weeks almost all Excel files were being designed with BrushTools. This was nothing short of a revolution in the company's Excel working practices.

Managers and employees report significant improvements since the company began working with BrushTools add-in:

Feedback received from managers:

  • Excel work is now more efficient and time saving.
  • Decreased errors.
  • Feeling an advantage over the company's competitors.
  • Greater confidence in results calculated by Excel.
  • Employees are very satisfied with BrushTools.
  • Increased cooperation between different departments in the company thanks to the adoption of a common Excel language.
  • Easier orientation in Excel files produced by other departments.
  • Customers have noted the improved quality of the company's products and their credibility.
  • Higher standards of organization and order when working with Microsoft Excel.
  • BrushTools is invaluable.

Feedback received from employees:

  • Substantial time savings.
  • BrushTools allows them to find errors that they would not have noticed in the past. They are spotting more errors than before, and doing it much faster.
  • Faster understanding and absorption of Excel files.
  • The BrushTools learning process is very sensible and logical, and can be accomplished quickly.
  • BrushTools is very user-friendly.
  • Work has become more pleasant.