About Us


BrushTools Team

We are a group of analysts, Excel experts, specializing in the implementation of complex economic, financial and mathematical models in Microsoft Excel.

BrushTools add-in was originally created for internal use, but after using this tool exclusively for a number of years, we decided to make it available to other Excel users, and added the necessary improvements to make it into a complete and user-friendly software package. Although revealing BrushTools will deprive us of a competitive edge, we believe that BrushTools should be available to all Excel users worldwide.

We like Excel a great deal, and we like it even more with BrushTools. We hope that you too will like Excel with BrushTools and we will be happy to have you as our customers.


Our Vision

Our vision is to establish a new universal formatting method for working with Excel.

We believe that the settings of formula types and designs included in BrushTools add-in are the most efficient for working with Excel (see Color Code Table), and that as more users and organizations around the world begin to adopt BrushTools and stick to our default settings and designs, it can become a universal Excel methodology. It would thus become possible for different users in the same organization, or in different organizations around the world, to use the same practice, understand each other better and work more efficiently in Excel.


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